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    blurb book

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      I have been using LR to make books and used Blurb to print them and have been happy with the results.  Today I went to start another book and when I go to my page layouts I noticed that my Favorite templets where missing - there was nothing there.  I had modified a number of templets mostly to change the cell sizes and they are all gone.  What happened and how do I get them back?



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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          If you modify cell sizes in a template, and want to re-use your modified version you must save it as a custom template.

          Right-click on a page-


          Note: that Custom Pages are specific to each book 'Size'.  So if you change the layout from an 8x10" to a 12x12" then the custom page is no longer available. You will need to modify another to suit the 12x12" layout.


          If you re-open a "Saved Book" from the collection panel you should see your custom page once again, but (as noted) change the book size and- no!

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            jakher1927 Level 1

            Thank you I finally figured that out