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    My Digital Edition Library only show thumbnails, can't access books on new PC




      I have been having trouble with retrieving my paid for ebooks on Digital Editions on my new PC. Adobe said contact vendor, vendor sent back this reply after much work.


      Before downloading and opening your eBooks on your machine, you chose had to first authorise with your Adobe ID and password. Upon authorizing, you then ticked the tick box which stated: I want to authorise my computer without an ID. Doing this would lock your eBooks to one machine, making it only accessible on the one machine.

      If you chose to de-authorise and then authorise again, you then lose your eBooks by doing this. The reason is when you authorised your machine, you locked your eBooks to a no name ID, your eBooks will only open with this no name ID, upon de-authorizing, you then discard this ID and this is something that, or Adobe can assist with.

      Don't understand it can somebody help.


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