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    A problem with the installation of an older version of Indesign


      Hello there ,

      I want to thank you first , for all the help you are providing , It means alot for the people here !

      So , I have a problem , or a misunderstanding on how to setup the version of Adobe Indesign 2.0.1!

      I tried to download id it from this link Adobe - InDesign : For Windows : InDesign 2.0.1 update - English

      But when I try to install it they ask for an older version to , in this case , they ask for the version 2.0.0 to update it , so it will be updated to 2.0.1

      I tried to download the version 2.0 , but it happens again , the same problem , they ask for an oder version to update it , in the setup phase.

      Please help me , because I need the exact versions , not CS2 or CS 3 or CC , I need this old versions , 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 ! because this year we will practice on this versions and not the creative suite versions.

      I wait for your help

      Thanks in advance ,