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    printer sounds like it is printing but it just spits out a blank page

    Gary S .308

      I have printed from this computer (lenovo laptop) to this printer ( Epson workforce 845) using lightroom (4.4  ~  camera raw 7.4) previously, recently. This time I just wanted to print a contact sheet of 20 prints. All the LAYOUT settings are left at default, GUIDES are checked and only RULERS and IMAGE CELLS are checked, nothing in PAGE is checked, PRINT JOB has PRINTER checked, print res is at 240, print sharpening is set to standard with glossy prints, color management is by the printer.  When I click PRINT or PRINT ONE you can see Lightroom loading the data to the printer as indicated in the upper left corner of lightroom (each of the 20 images is loaded).  This print job is accepted by the printer and it draws in a sheet of paper and begins printing, well it is moving the paper through the printer and the head is moving forth and back and when it is done it spits out a blank piece of paper. Not a micro pico of ink is on the page.


      The printer prints well from other sources, but for some reason it is now only sending blank pages to print from lightroom.