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    3D Text, pictures etc ignore camera tracking


      So, about a week ago i started with After Effects, and after I figured out you can track the camera and make text stick to the ground in a 3D perspective, i tried it myself. However after watching multiple tutorials and trying for days, I can't seem able to make my text "stick" to the tracking points. when i select a set of 3 or more tracking points that seem to be wel placed, right click it and select: "create camera and text", I get my text and my camera and i can rotate and position the text however i like, but when i play my footage , the text just stays in the same place on the screen instead of sticking to the point I want it to stick to. I have been searching for days, but i can't seem to find a solution. pls help .


      Also, every time I close AE, the app crashes.