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    Crop with Distortion Glitch

    alexjamo Level 1

      I'm pretty sure I have found a bug in the latest update (2015.7)


      Would be good to check if anyone else is having this issue.


      I'm unable to properly resize a distorted image since the update.


      Try these settings on a Landscape orientated photo:

      Set Image distortion to +20

      Check the Constrain Crop button

      Hit 'R' to crop the image and try to drag the image vertically shorter.


      For me it constantly resizes the vertical to full size; it's impossible to make the image shorter.


      Doesn't matter if the crop is ratio locked or not, and the ratio settings don't affect the issue, it persists in all settings.


      Current work around for me is Unchecking the constrain crop button.


      Love for someone to confirm it's not just mine that's doing it.

      Video of it below:

      Thanks folks