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    How to add different bleed size to any direction


      Good day guys!


      Beforehand, thanks a lot for your time and I am truly sorry for this question because it involves a lot of steps. Probably the title of my question is not that clear, here is my situation. I work in a large format printer company and we install print jobs in buildings where normally I have to cut an image in several pieces in order to have every single panel for each window plus mullions, the problem is when I have all the panels ready I have to add bleed in different ways depending on the material and the job specification, for example, some times I need to add bleed all around a panels, which is not a problem because I could offset the path, now, there are a lot of times when panels are different in size and I am requested to add bleed only on the right and at the bottom, or just one side, this is a really hard task when I have to prepare 60 panels plus mullions. There is another problem, some times bleed will be different on each side, for example: 2" on the right and 6" at the bottom. Panels are always squares, I don't think this script will work on a different shape, in that case, I think the panel should be treated separately.


      Is there any way to create a script, after selecting all the panels, that could give me the opportunity to introduce the data needed in which side I need the bleed and the amount in inches of each side, the result should be similar to "offset path" (create new shapes) and automatically paste all these new shapes in a new layer. There is a script that found two years ago that I use everyday and it has an awesome interface I would like to share with you in order to give you an idea how I am picturing the new script in question. The script is "MakeCropMarksAI_v_1_4",  https://sites.google.com/site/dtpscripting/illustrator-scripts/makecropmarksai


      You will find bellow something that I did that could help to understand what I have in mind, just as a reference.




      I am working on PC, Illustrator CC and windows 7.


      Once again, thanks for your time, and I hope there is a good Samaritan available to create this master piece not only for me but for too many people I know they need it. I am creating a new youtube channel where I am planing to share all I know and I would like to give this script to everybody.


      Walfred Candiales