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    Issues with converted project


      We have an HTML project that was written using RoboHelp 7. Our office recently downloaded a trial version of RH 8 and we tried opening the project with the new version (yes we have backup copies of the project!). Upon opening the project and checking it over, we've noticed odd problems with the color of the hyperlinks changing without selecting them (all of the hyperlinks and bookmarks appear to change to the default purple color in a topic by clicking on another topic and then clicking back to the first topic), and little red square boxes appearing where a Shift/Enter was used.

      My concern is that the project had had to be rewritten when we got RoboHelp 7 and converted from RoboHelp 4. At the time, when we first opened the project in RH 7, we found corruption in text and bullets that were gigantic. After trying to correct/resolve these issues without success, we made a decision to recreate the project from scratch.

      Can anyone shed some light on what is happening or what we are doing wrong? We've not had this problem with our Webhelp projects.

      Thank you,