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    Preset quandry

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      I've just started exploring presets and quickly learned that the values in presets are absolute.  Meaning - they will overwrite any existing edit on an image - or a virtual copy (which retains the same adjusted values as the original).


      The creator of the preset assumes all starting value will be ZERO.  So if their "fake smooth light" preset bumps the exposure up +.75 - that's the final value for exposure.

      However - if your image was already adjusted to say +2.0 exposure - the preset would actually be lowering your exposure by -.1.25!

      This really especially affects any parameter in the Basic panel.


      Presets do NOT adjust parameters relative to current settings.  (Add +.75 in the above example for a total of +2.75)


      So my question is - is there a way to save the edits on an image to a new starting point, before subjecting it to presets - so that it's starting from scratch/zeroed out positions?


      AFAIK there's no way to do this.... other than Export/(Save)/Import into a new file and then apply the preset. 


      Just making sure I have this right before doing batches of them.  Another alternative is to edit each preset and delete the line of code/text which is offensive such as  {Exposure2012 = 0.75}



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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          All your assumptions/statements about "presets... absolute"  are correct.


          Presets that make multiple changes to an image are (or can be) a problem. (one adjustment is good, another might be bad)

          Advice I saw on CreativeLive was to create presets that contain only one adjustment, so the preset only does one thing. So you might have several 'Exposure' presets for +0.5 +1.0 +1.5 +2.0  etc.

          Purchased (downloaded) presets are a different matter- many are designed to give 'Styles' to an image and can contain several adjustments, but you can still modify these to suit your own use.


          To edit a preset does not require changing code/text, If you apply a preset to a 'test' reset image, you can change the develop sliders then update the preset by  Right-click and "Update the current settings". So you might apply the "fake smooth light" preset, then re-adjust the exposure slider to zero, then "Update the current settings". Or save your own version of the modified preset!


          You can apply a limited selection of 'Relative' adjustments by using the Quick Develop panel in Grid view.

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            KE_DP Level 1

            Thanks, OK this verifies everything I was aware of - I'll just have to use one of the work arounds to edit/modify all the presets so they don't touch the Basic parameters.