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    Art - Stick Figure Not Showing - Only Pin Markers showing? Duik Attempt!

    karenf1 Level 1

      I was trying to learn how to rig a character in DUIK. I'm at the stage just before setting up the Auto Rig. But now, all I can see in my composition window is the screenshot below. Just the red marks representing the Pins -- or - I may have already turned them into bones (just learning this). I can no longer see the artwork which was on the Layers - which was simply a green line representing body of a stick figure and and inverted V below - the legs of stick figure. (all imported from .ai file.

      I have now idea how to view them to see if the pins are working - and no idea where those green lines went, I see the Layers themselves (with the art) if I ushy them - but can't see the art in the composition window -- just those remarks indicating the Pins.

      Does anyone have any idea what went wrong? Many thanks!

      P.S. This reminds me of the time the screen went black when I hit caps lock - and had no idea of that key's effect. The AE ARGH!