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    Moving FB3 from PC to Mac

      Hi All,

      I'm spending more and more time developing/designing etc. if Flex. But I do my Flex Builder 3 work on a Windows PC but wish to to upgrade my machine soon ad considering going back to using Macs.

      If I bought a Mac, could I download the FB3 trial installation, install it, then unlock the FB3 build using the licence code that came with my FB3 Professional disk which is for Windows PC?

      No getting much help directly from Adobe Support on this one.

      But knowing I can do it would make me more confident moving back to using Macs due to the financial commitment. I.e. if I don't need to buy another copy of FB3, I will go ahead.


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          flexstone Level 1
          I converted from PC to Mac last year and it was really awesome because all my Adobe Software was eligible for a "cross-grade" - you can switch licenses over to another platform if you agree to destroy the originals.

          Call Adobe to make the request......

          BTW - I am probably 20% more productive since the switch due to machine performance and larger monitor.
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            IanCWatkins Level 1
            Excellent, thank you.

            Used to use Macs for all my web stuff, but over years spent more time developing applications for Windows, so moved over to PCs.

            But now nearly 100% on web stuff, mainly Flex, so moving back makes a lot of sense. If I can take my Photoshop CS4 with me as well as Flex Builder, it makes it a no-brainer financially.

            Thank you again.