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    Trouble with SPLIT DOCUMENT when exporting to ePub

    123proust Level 1

      Normally when I create an ePub file from InDesign, I select SPLIT DOCUMENT (AT) and then choose the style that is recognized by my Table of Contents. To create extra page breaks, I add empty paragraphs to the document with that same style. The empty paragraphs are not included in the ePub's Table of Contents.




      However, this didn't work on my current project and I don't know why. All the empty paragraphs showed up in the ePub's Table of Contents, messing up the spacing in the left column.




      Can you please help me troubleshoot this, and/or suggest a better way to break pages? I don't think the problem is with the SPLIT DOCUMENT feature because if I choose another paragraph style to split it at it works. This problem only happens when I try to split the document using the style recognized by my Table of Contents (although this always worked for me before).


      Thank you!