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    Windows "Storage Space" with Lightroom


      We are looking at setting up a Windows 10 Storage Space system for our Lightroom Images.


      We now have two machines with Lightroom that have external hard drives for images.  They are connected by a fast (gigabyte) network.  My wife's machine has her images and catalog and a backup of my images.  Mine has my images and catalog and her backup. 


      The Stage Space would be a "box" running windows 10 with three or more 4 TB drives for a NAS storage system.  A problem I can foresee is Lightroom can't work with files over a network.  (e.g.,  From my machine, I can't edit files on the wife's machine, but only those in drives on mine.) 


      Friends have a Synology DS1515 RAID system a on a wireless network and each of them can edit files directly on the RAID drives.


      Is there a way to "configure" Windows Storage Space so we both edit files on it?