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    Photoshop Freezes With Save

    hpg1 Level 1

      I have been experiencing a weird phenomena in PS CC (up to date version).  When I open an image from Lightroom to edit in PS I often make a copy of the image and close out the one from Lightroom because I don't re-import my finished images into the same folder as the RAW files and save the image elsewhere.  This was never a problem.


      Now when I duplicate the image and close out the original and then save as TIFF, Photoshop freezes and I have to Alt-Ctl-Delete in Windows 10 to open Task manager and shut PS down. And then when I go to Bridge to open the image that made PS crash it is there and I can open it with any and all layers that I had added intact (ie it saved properly). I can open it and it works fine and I can resave the file from there on in as many times as I want with no freezing.


      Any thoughts?