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    Removing imported images in lightroom: original images also deleted

    johny_willemyns Level 1

      Hello, and good morning,


      Well, its not a good morning to me.

      I decided to remove a folder from lightroom (containing finished images, weeks of work), and to my horror, the original images are also deleted.

      They are simply gone from the original folder they were in ???

      This should not happen: lightroom states that these images would only be removed from lightroom and the originals would stay untouched.


      So, if that is so, where are these original images ???


      Please help



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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When deleting, it always asks whether to remove from LR only or from the disk as well. Did this dialog come up?

          When deleted from (local!) disk too they are in the trash bin - on Windows. AFAIK on Mac it's the same.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            Are you sure you are looking in the right place for them?

            Have you used the File Manager for the OS you are running to search for them by File Name? If not give that a try.

            I just did what you suggest you did and I get this dialog window.


            Remove Folder Dialog.PNG


            When I select Remove the folder and images are removed from the LR catalog but the actual folder and images remain.


            Remaining folder after removal.PNG


            So maybe that folder you placed the worked on images in isn't where you thought it was.


            But I must add there is no good reason to remove images from the LR catalog and IMHO it is counter productive to remove any images from the LR catalog other than the Dogs you will never use and or want to keep track of. This is especially true for images you have finished working on.

            The whole point behind using LR is to have access to all your images. To categorize, Rate, make Collections, Assign Keywords and in general manage ALL your images not just some of them.