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    Formatting Index & Glossary

      How are the styles set for entries in the Index and Glossary? When I look at my style sheets, I see formats for glossary indicating they are supposed to be italic, but they are not. So, this must not be how they are getting formatted. I looked in the "fmstyles.css" and don't see anything in there either to explain the formatting. Where is their formatting coming from? How can I change these styles? Or are these set by the selected skin?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi there

          The Style entries you see for Glossary are applied when you use the Glossary Hotspot Wizard to populate your topics with expanding hotspots. They don't apply to what you see in the Glossary Pane of the help output.

          I believe you control the font styling characteristics of the Navigation Pane by editing the Skin. While editing the skin you have options for controlling the font styling.

          Cheers... Rick