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    How to transfer annotations and highlights from computer to android


      Hello - I have transferred my Adobe Digital Editions library to my Android Marshmellow device (HTC One M8 phone) by copying the entire contents of the My Digital Editions folder on my computer to the Digital Editions folder on the phone.  I don't know if that's the right way to do it or if there's supposed to be some sort of auto-sync, but that's the only way I could figure out how to transfer the books.


      The question is, I don't see any highlights or annotations in the books when I pull them up on my phone.  I see the Annotation files in the given folder on the phone, but I'm not seeing them.  Is there a way to transfer those?  Is the file structure supposed to be different for the phone than on the computer?


      One other wrinkle of info - I don't know if it helps or not - is that on my computer I am authorizing using OverDrive, although I had previously authorized using my Adobe ID, and both accounts show up in my Computer Authorization window, although only the OverDrive account is checked.  However on my Android, I initially only authorized using OverDrive, but when I opened some books it asked me to re-authorize and I could only get it to work with my Adobe ID.  Probably unrelated but that's just a little additional info for you.