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    RH8 WebHelp "Can't Move Focus to the Control..." Error

      While testing my help (primary layout is WebHelp) on my local machine, the help books/topics freeze after a series of clicking them open and closed. I'm not doing this rapidly or in a manner unlike a regular user would. IE 6 gives me a page error. The description reads "can't move focus to the control b/c it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus." The URL points to the whtdhtml.htm file.

      I've searched the forum and when this problem came up before, an answer was in a tech note. I read the TechNote rb_95432 on this issue and it suggested editing the webhelp4.js file; however, I don't think this file is generated by RoboHelp 8, as it doesn't appear in my generated help files.

      Is there a different file I should be looking at? Is this a problem with my HTML that I should seek or an Adobe compilation issue with IE 6? I recently upgraded my help project from RoboHelp 6 to RoboHelp 8 and am on a Windows XP machine.