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    Making FullHD 1080p video from 4K video



      I am using Adobe Premiere Essentials 14 and I downloaded a 4K video from youtube.

      The video is really sharp on my fullHD monitor. Parameters are 3840x2160, 20822kbps 29fps.


      I am trying to edit the video on PE14 and export it as fullHD 1080p video.

      Unfortunately, my exported video is not that sharp, it's a bit blurry compared to 4K video.


      Perhaps it has something to do with chroma sampling.

      My question is, what should I set or do to get same video quality on my fullHD monitor with 1080p video and 4K video?


      Thank you very much for answers

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          pavelr67044956 Level 1

          I finally found a solution and it's pretty simple.


          I loaded a 4K video into PE14, added sharpness to 10 and exported with same parameters as 4K Video ( 1920x1080, H.264, 20.8Mbps, VBR 2 passes ). Now I am not able to find a difference between 4K and 1080p on fullHD monitor. It's so sharp, full of details.


          Well, I have little knownledge about video encoding but it seems like when keyframe is sharper, overal video is also sharper.

          Perhaps someone can explain it