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    Tutorials need souce files

    the real Jeboslav
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          Level 7
          Are you kidding?
          Did you not see several links that say things like:
          Download starter
          Download solution
          Download assets

          The idea is that you watch a few videos and then do the exercise, for =
          which you can create the project from scratch or you can download the =
          project starter file that will allow you to start from a certain point =
          .. read through the steps (it's step by step) and recreate it yourself. =
          If you get stuck, you can download the completed project and compare =
          your work for errors.

          Did you do that?

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          "the real Jeboslav" <webforumsuser@macromedia.com> wrote in message =
          > These are the worst tutorials I have seen so far! There are no source =
          files for=20
          > the video tutorials. I can't get past the first day. "Retrieving data =
          > HTTPService" is useless, there is no employees.xml. When I try to make =
          my own=20
          > based on the video I get all sorts of errors when debugging. When you =
          are doing=20
          > something, do it right, or don't do it at all. I have learned more =
          from youtube=20
          > flex tutorials than here. All I get here is frustrated wondering where =
          is what=20
          > and why is it not working.
          > This is not beginners tutorial, this is an advanced developer =
          adjusting to=20
          > flex tutorial.=20
          > And also, stop it with the black screen and explaining things, some of =
          > don't understand a word of it anyway.There should be a pdf document =
          for that=20
          > sort of thing. Who wants it and understands it can read it. The rest =
          > confused .
          > What is understandable is examples and explained steps. Take a look at =
          > tutorials by Northern Kentucky University on you tube. That is a =
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            Foxchx Level 1

            I knew that but i am trying to get the "work files" of the "flex in a week" classes not the exercise...


            For exemple, i would love to recreate class 10 but i don't have the employees.xml file....



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              I'm wishing there was a solution archive available for "Exercise 9 (ColdFusion): Using RemoteObject to send data to  the server" right about now. There is a solution available for the LCDS version but it's not helping me.


              I'm getting what appears to be validation errors but after debugging for an hour, it's time to move on even though I don't like leaving loose ends.


              Great tutorial series regardless!