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    Image Quality




      I am very new to Muse, but not to other Adobe CC programs. I'm trying to create a responsive site but have noticed a severe loss in image quality. Whenever I add a new image (.jpeg or .png) to my page via File>Place, the images are quite blurry and not nearly as good of quality as when I view the same images in Photoshop. And, yes, the image quality is poor even when viewing the site in Preview mode.


      The images are all 72ppi and my site is responsive. Neither large images (1400x650 px) nor small images (300x200 px) escape the blurriness.


      I have read through several forum threads and have not been able to find a solution. Could someone please tell me how to place images on my pages without losing image quality?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          Again: If you place your images without any(!) scaling (100 % size), they aren’t even touched by Muse! The output image will exactly be the same as the input image.

          Try this:

          • Place an image with 100 % pixel size.

          • Export the site as HTML

          • Open the exported image in the exported "images" folder and compare it with the original.

          If this should be not the case (what I think is not possible): Place such an image in Muse, upload the .muse file (not the output files!) to Dropbox or a similar service and post the download link here.

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