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    Anyone Using USB 3.1?

    mikeklar Level 1

      USB 3.1 test results appear fabulous, but…

      The following two screen clippings are comparison of a 1TB Samsung T3 and a 500GB SSD mounted in a NexStar 3.1 enclosure and shows actual transfer speeds of a folder that is 22.5GB in size. 

      For the first 8GB the transfer speed exceeds 1GB/s, i.e. 1.3GB/s and 1.6BG/s respectively.  Almost similar results were achieved with a single file of 26.6GB.  See examples below: 

      Of interest, using either of these two external SSDs in a USB 3.0 port the results are very close to what one achieves with an internally mounted SSD.  I.e., the Samsung T3 being about 20% slower and the 500GB SSD mounted in a NexStar 3.1 enclosure achieving identical speeds to the internally mounted Samsung 850 Pro (these tests were conducted using CrystalDiskMark 5.2.0). 

      However, when these CristalDiskMark 5.2.0 tests are conducted while both devices are plugged into the 3.1 ports the results are disappointing.  Note; the following tests were conducted using different file sizes from 32GB to 50MB resulting in no changes except for the Samsung T3 speeds which improve significantly with a 50MB file.  See screen clippings below: 


      Also of concern is ASUS’s USB 3.1 Boost not recognizing either of these two external devices while plugged into the 3.1 ports…?  As well, when these SSDs are plugged into the USB 3.1 ports they cannot be removed, i.e. they are plug and play, but not unplug and play   FYI; the motherboard is ASUS’s X99-E WS.  See image below… 

      I’d like to hear from you on what you have experienced using USB 3.1?