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    Append web links from multiple pages in Adobe Acrobat DC

    Buzz81 Level 1

      For some reason, Acrobat is not allowing me to append web links from multiple pages.  Here's the problem.   I created a PDF file from a webpage. The PDF file is 33 pages consisting of the table of contents for a chapter from a state statute. Each entry in the table of contents is a web link to the specific statute. I would like to append the links in the PDF file for all 33 pages at once, without having to right click each link individually or to go to each page separately. In former versions of Acrobat, I was able to do this either by highlighting the page thumbnails or bookmark, right clicking, and viewing all web links in the page or bookmark. When I do this now, the bookmark does not work because it shows no web links under the bookmark. In fact, when I right click the bookmark it no longer gives me an option to view all the web links under the bookmark. When I try highlighting the page thumbnails, it only shows the web links for the last page highlighted. So, how do I view web links, and append them to the document, from multiple pages in a PDF document created from a webpage?