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    Premiere Elements Dowload problem (thinks it's a Trial Version)


      I was having problems with PE not able to download video from my underwater camera (.avi).  Said I needed a different codec so downloaded that.  Still nothing.  Next step was to reload the s/w.  I think I might have done that once (it was about a month ago, don't really remember).  When I went to it today, I had PhotoShop, but no PE.  Reading a manual I noticed a warning about needing the latest QuickTime.  I then realized I didn't have a QuickTime installed (at least that I could find.  If not, not sure how my iTunes is working).  So got QuickTime and re-downloaded the PE.  Every thing is working, except there is a banner across the PE working screen saying "Created with Adobe PE Trial Version".  I bought it about a year ago, only using on same computer,have the serial number, still tied to my same email. 
      Why did it download a Trial Version?  I'm assuming that came from Adobe rather than Installation disc I used to install.


      John P.