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    Adding (failing to add) a toolbar button in Acrobat DC Pro 15.02

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      I created a working menu item that removes, or scalps (as my user calls it), the first page of a pdf.

      I am attempting to add this as a toolbar button.


      Following the documentation, I wrote the following code, which I added in the Javascript folder of Acrobat DC Pro (15.02020039).

      I ensured that my jpg used for the icon is 20x20. The dummy pdf is just my business card.

      I placed both the jpg for the icon and the dummy pdf in the Javascript folder.

      I added all this here for your convenience: AddButton - Google Drive



      When I start Acrobat, nothing happens, in terms of having my button anywhere under 'Tools'.


      Being this is my first button... I beg for some guidance


      Here's the code I have:


      Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 7.51.26 PM.png


      var LoadScalpPdfButton = app.trustedFunction( function ()


         if ( typeof LoadScalpPdfButton == "undefined" )

            ScalpPdf = true;



            if (!LoadScalpPdfButton)



               ScalpPdf = true;






         if ( ScalpPdf )



            // Get the path to the user JavaScript folder

            var atbPath=app.getPath({cCategory: "user", cFolder: "javascript"});



               // Try opening the icon doc as in hidden mode, and retrieve its doc

               // object.

               var doc=app.openDoc({

                  cPath: atbPath+"/dummy.pdf", bHidden: true});

               } catch (e) { console.println("Could not open icon file"); return;}

            // Get the icon stream for myIcon1 from the hidden doc



            var iconPath = atbPath+"/scalp.jpg"

            doc.importIcon("scalped", iconPath, 0);

            var oIcon = util.iconStreamFromIcon(doc.getIcon("scalped"));

            // Add a tool button using this icon


               cName: "ScalpPdf",

               oIcon: oIcon,

               cExec: "ScalpPdf();",

               cTooltext: "Scalp this Pdf",

               nPos: 0


      // Close our hidden document containing the icons.



         // Set this variable to signal that the toolbars are installed.

         LoadScalpPdfButton = false;





      var ScalpPdf = app.trustedFunction(function()



          if (app.activeDocs.length > 0)


            this.deletePages({nStart: 0, nEnd: 0});



            var myDocPath = this.path;

            var aPathComps = myDocPath.split("/");



            var strNewPath = aPathComps.join("/");










      Thank you for your advice.