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    How to Install Flash in Vista w/ Chrome Browser??


      Acer Aspire Laptop

      Win Vista 32 Home Premium

      Chrome Browser v# 49.0.2623.112 m

      Pepperflash v#


      I use Win Vista w/ Google Chrome browser.  It no longer receives updates from Chrome so PepperFlash is out of date. I've downloaded the latest Flash

      from Adobe, and run the install. It never shows up on the Chrome Plugins page. I've cleared cache, disabled PepperFlash plugin, disabled Native Client plugin,

      restarted browser and computer, searched for it elsewhere on computer, etc.. Right now, just a yes or no answer would do. Can I update to newer FlashPlayer

      without going through Chrome to do it? Google is no help on this. Upgrading OS isn't an option, or answer.

      Thank you.