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    Lightroom is slow and showing some lag or delay when editing....


      Last month, I purchased a $1500 Asus laptop at BestBuy. It has the latest processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD with 2TB SATA drive. Technically, it has the capability to handle photo editing software. I did turn on and off the GPU acceleration but I'm still having the same problem. And LR CC is up to date! My desktop pc I built almost 8yrs ago performs better. I took  it back to BestBuy and they were not helpful either. They can't figure out why LR CC is showing some delays when editing. Does anyone here is having the same issue. What should I do? My goal is to be able to edit the photos when I travel soon. But the problem I'm having on LR CC makes me think of not to bring the laptop. I would appreciate any answer, thoughts or ideas to troubleshoot the problem. Thanks.