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    Lightroom 6.7 Crashes IMAC on SIERRA IOS Intermittenly when I Quit it.


      I'm using a  3.5 GHZ IMAC with Sierra IOS installed on it with Lightroom 6.7.  I have 32 Gig of RAM and and 998 Gig Solid State Drive with a ton of memory left over.  I store my photos on a 4 TByte G Drive that is connected to computer with Apple thunderbolt communication.   I can use all my other photo programs and go onto the Internet for hours and never have any problems with the computer.  I'm working on and exporting on photos from a Nikon D810 so the files are large. 


      Intermittently when I quit Lightroom 6.7 my computer goes to black screen and then a error message comes up stating an error has occured and computer will restart.  After restart I can open a error report that deals with error with LIghtroom and Kernal.  Did not get screen capture of that yet.   Before I was running on El Captain IOS and LIghtroom 6 and I had multiple crashes in a row when trying to export .dng files and convert to .jpg.   So I decided to update the IOS to Sierra and then I updated Lightroom to 6.7 which has improved  things but I still had a crash when closing lightroom after working on a large file.  I have increased the cache size to 10 Gig but that did not help.  Has anyone had this problem?  JD