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    Screen Readers and Robohelp

      Hello Robohelp Friends:

      Our client asked us if there was a way to click away from a "pop up" (small page displaying on a larger page, usually showing a list of values/data" without clicking on the mouse.

      Apparently, that is a requirement by the ADA (American Disability Association) for screen readers.

      What I mean here is that when a user sees a pop-up on the screen, they should be able to click delete/back or some other button to shift away from the pop-up back to the main screen.

      Robohelp is apparently 508/Screen Reader compliant, but does not provide specifics as to how to accomplish this.

      Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          I cannot quickly find a way but one thing puzzles me. The user has to click the popup to open it but they also have to be given a means of closing it without clicking the link.

          BTW. Keys on the keyboard are pressed, not clicked. It makes it easier for people to understand the issue.

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            Praful_Jain Level 3
            If you generate webhelp output, and select "Section 508 Compliant output", then user will not see the popup window at all. Please try checking the option in webhelp output and see if this solves the purpose.
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              FTBGuy Level 1
              Thanks Praful! You're right.

              It would be nice if Adobe actually documents what they cover and what they don't with this "Section 508" compliance matters. It's a big deal for disabled/assistance -requring users, and there is little documentation to tell them how to use this tool

              Even in their Help reference all they state is:

              Section 508 Compliant Output For Section 508-compliant WebHelp, click Section 508 Compliant Output. With this option you cannot use skins or other features (such as Dynamic HTML).

              It would be good to know what they do cover and what they don't in 508 compliance, and the specific differences between WebHelp outputs and 508 Compliance versions.

              Any insight into finding such information is appreciated, as I've searched everywhere and only found general documentation, but no specifics!

              Thanks for your help Peter/Praful..!