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    PC: Mouse issues in Lightroom

    J Maness Photography Level 1

      Has anyone else had issues in Lightroom, with their mouse?  Ever since I updated to the newest version of Lightroom, my mouse wants to grab and hold onto everything in the panels (i.e. the labels next to the sliders: shadows, highlights, darks, etc.  and the sliders themselves).  It has this very choppy since of feeling, and it didn't do it on the last version at all.  I've recently switched from Apple to PC, in the laptop area, and my MacBook pro didn't have these issues at all.  Which leads me to believe it's a LR and Windows 10 issue.  Is there a resolution to my problem????  I have tried three different brands of PC's (Lenovo Yoga 710, Acer R15, and Asus Q 534) and all of them have had this issue.