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    RDC with ColdFusion

      I'm just getting started with Flex Build and ColdFusion and have hit a major roadblock. I've viewed the video by Ben Forta that shows how to create a Flex Builder application with ColdFusion ( Build a ColdFusion Powered Application) and followed along with the demo application. My problem is that after the app is compiled and opened in my browser it will not connect with the ColdFusion server. All I get is the following error message.
      I have Flex Builder 3, ColdFusion 8, Apache, and Tomcat installed on a Windows XP machine. I've have tried the advice of many google links including this one which seemed very promising except that it is based on IIS.
      Surely other people have had problems with FB and ColdFusion acting up in this same manner. I would really appreciate any assistance provided!
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          injpix Level 3
          I am not sure, but have you read the user comments for Ben Forta's link you posted? I read this comment:

          "In Flex Builder, look under Window -> Preferences and select the Adobe tab. Click RDS configuration and select localhost. The default option is assuming that Coldfusion is running on the built in webserver (on port 8500.) Modify this to port 80 (or whatever port your webserver is listening on) and save your settings."

          And if port 80 isn't open, then I would think you would fail to connect.