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    jsfl penDownLoc issue in AnimateCC



      using jsfl scripts from CS6 and olders, in AnimateCC (2015.2 / window7) , got issue on tools.penDownLoc

      When I call :

      var pt1 = fl.tools.penDownLoc;

        fl.trace(pt1.x) >> send 0 or wrong number (311298.6)

        fl.trace(pt1.y) >> send 0 or wrong number (344069.45)


      I have this problem  on fla file / xfl file even on  canvas.

      From Animate CC extending reference :

      Read-only property; a point that represents the position of the last mouse-down event on the Stage.
      The tools.penDownLoc property comprises two properties, x and y, corresponding to the x,y location of the mouse pointer.


      Is there a new way to use it ?