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    Full Motion recording will not play back

    eholz1 Level 1
      Hello Captivate users,

      I have a new problem with my system. This just started! I have a project with several slides in it. It is less than 30 mb in size including audio recordings. I have a few slides (not sequential) that have FMR, like drag and drop, etc.

      The Drag&Drop actions are not long - dragging to select 10 cells on an excel spread sheet, etc.

      When I preview the project using any of the preview options (F4, F8, F10, etc) the slides with FMR go blank.
      The FMR does not show. It used to! The problem is repeatable on different computers.

      Any ideas? I am not keen on redoing all the FMR slides. Oh, the good news. They do seem to play ok when