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    Export not centered

    MadJacko Level 1

      1, How can I assure that an InDesign CC file exported as a PDF will be centered? All my exports get stuck up in the left corner; whereas, I want them to adhere as least to the margins designated under Marks and Bleeds in the preset..


      2. As an alternative, I tried to set an Article Box in Acrobat DC, but it had no effect in the sense of the above objective. My concern is about margins for the export: I am willing to use any other technique that is appropriate, but I should emphasize--the end result has to be an exported PDF that is either centered or determined by my margin settings..


      3. Unrelated question: When I place a 200 pp. document into InDesign CC, can I place all 200 pp. at once, instead of one page at a time? I specified 200 pp. in Document Setup and Show Imput Options (Pages. . .All), but nonetheless have to go one page at a time.


      Much obliged.