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    Box-related issues ...

    Robbybobbla Level 1

      I’ve got three separate, but box-related, problems.


      The first: occasionally I have instances where boxes in a layout appear and disappear when the w key is toggled between the Desktop Preview modes. When this happens I know to expect when I next run a PDF that those boxes won’t appear on consequent PDFs. I can correct it, at least this is how I did it this time, via the Object Style box, a feature I never ever use. It seems whenever I activate what ever it is I’ve activated the next box I make from the palette comes with a style attached that’s linked with the desktop preview thing.


      The second: More disappearing boxes, this time not related to the w key but to the size of the boxes. Imagine an A5 page with a single A5 solid green ground - corner to corner - and a bit of text on top. If I run the PDF with the background box 148x210mm the solid green box doesn’t appear on the PDF, but the text and any eps images do. But if I change the big green box to three smaller boxes and run the PDF again all is OK. The job looks OK on screen. It prints out to the printer here OK. Clients see a complete PDF. I don’t.


      The third. A job I did last week went off to print as a happy hi-res PDF. Everything was OK with it, all the elements were there. Today, I opened the same PDF and a box is missing from the PDF. It’s a corner to corner box same as today’s. Anyway, it’s missing. If I open the original job in InDesign, all appears OK. Print it, it's all present.




      I do have trouble with the iMac’s keyboard and every now and then end up alt/shift/controlling the wrong letter when I, for instance, want to Apple-E a PDF. When nothing happens and I know I’ve pressed a combo of keys other than the intended I’ve often thought (and sometimes said!): ’Oh, I wonder what that did’.


      It’s happened before today (see No.1) and I fixed that. But because it’s happened again today where boxes added to a layout act OK before a point in time but not after I suspect it a keyboard issue. But, to have toggled something in InDesign that’s universally affected both InDesign and PDFs old or new is quite an achievement.


      I’ve tried endless tests but can’t get things back to how they were, so, I’m a bit concerned. It was all going so nicely too. Work carries on; I just need to remember for the time being to keep m’boxes dinky.


      Would love to know what I’ve done …


      iMac, El Capitan, Retina 5K, 4GHz, 1GB memory, AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048, bought April 2016 using Adobe CC

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          dave c courtemanche Level 3

          First off, have you examined your view settings in Acrobat? Toggling overprint preview can sometimes fix viewing issues.


          Issue #1 with no documents open, exam the object settings of Rectangle frame tool or Rectangle tool. These will be the default setting for that tool on all new docs you create. If you have a doc open, the settings for these tools will apply to any new boxes you draw in the doc. If, for some reason, the box has been set to non-printing (Window/Object/Attributes), it will disappear in preview mode (W) or when printing/PDFing.

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            Robbybobbla Level 1

            Hello Dave, thanks for that ...


            Yes, OK ...

            Preferences > Page Display > Use Overprint Preview > this was set at 'Only for PDF/X Files"

            Toggle it to Automatic.


            I'll do that now ...

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              Robbybobbla Level 1

              Dave, OK,


              Your 1st para, Acrobat, no apparent difference to PDF appearance whether Never/Always/Automatic/Only for PDF/X Files.


              On to the 2nd para, InDesign with no doc open, yes, click the rectangle tool, head up to Window > Output > Attributes and there's four check boxes ...  Non Printing is unchecked but highlighted orange, i.e. there's an orange square around the checkbox.


              If I head over to Object Styles, [Basic Graphics Frame]+ is highlighted as opposed to None and if I double click the Object Style Options dialog opens ... and the choices are:


              Basic Attributes: Fill/Stroke/Corner Options are checked on

              Transparency: Effects for Object/Stroke/Fill/Text/ are checked on


              This afternoon, to the layout I added a box from the rectangle tool, gave it a colour, applied a shadow.

              It was missing from the PDF. So, I did my new trick:

              The box was more than 2/3s the size of the A5 page and it didn't appear on the PDF.

              I reduced the size of the box to less than half the page size. Run the PDF. The small box appears!

              I duplicate that box and add it to the height. Run the PDF. They're both are OK!!


              I'll take a look at the rectangle tool with the doc open, see what the default box attributes actually are ...

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                Robbybobbla Level 1

                The issue was the default settings in the Rectangle Tool. Reset everything back to normal. I’ve never used Object Styles but set everything there correct as well. And now boxes behave as they should again. Non-printing checkbox in the Attributes: shalln’t forget that. Thanks.


                Box issue No.2 no change. PDF omits the colour box, keeps the border but three small boxes work OK; one single A5 box corner to corner doesn’t. Looks OK in InDesign, prints OK, clients who I send the PDF to can see everything, I can't.


                Box issue No.3, No change. Old PDFs missing solid colours.



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                  dave c courtemanche Level 3

                  You might try trashing your preferences and see if that does the trick. Often fixes a myriad of oddities.

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                    Robbybobbla Level 1

                    Dave, OK. willdo. I might get this job out the way first. Everything seems under control at the minute now I know what it's doing … ! ...!!


                    Actually, how do you trash the Preferences?

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                      dave c courtemanche Level 3

                      There's a post at the top level of the forums "Troubleshooting 101" It explains it.

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                        Robbybobbla Level 1

                        Great stuff Dave. I'll have a go tomorrow (maybe) and let y'know. I haven't Trashed the Preferences folder since I had the Quadra!

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                          philippanmei Level 4

                          For the issue no. second and third


                          In PDF do some setting press ctrl+K (Preferences), a preferences dialog box will appear, under the categories choose accessibility and uncheck the Replace document colors option.


                          Hope this works



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                            Robbybobbla Level 1

                            Coo! That was good. Thanks Philip, Chief Wizard. Thanks very much. Really appreciate that. M'bits and colourful bobs have all returned.


                            Now tell me, why was it OK one minute, not the next? Did I toggle something on somehow? How was it activated, that part of the PDF preferences? Or was it always on and I've activated something else somewhere else and that's what caused the wobble? Would love to know ...


                            In AWE! Cheers maaaaaaaate.

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                              Robbybobbla Level 1

                              Philip, you've scored a magnificent hat-trick: you've fixed issues 1, 2 and 3. Arms aloft!