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    Color Finesse 3 LE keeps entering Trial Mode in After Effects 2015.3 (Windows 10)


      I am trying to use the Color Finesse Plugin on a newly installed, device License based Version of Adobe After Effects CC. It does not seem to be running properly because it keeps entering trial mode by displaying a magenta grid alongside a Text in the upper left corner saying:


      Synthetic Aperture

      Color Finesse Trial Mode


      When I restart After Effects, the grid has disappeared only to reappear again after using CF for a while on different layers, mostly after application of presets.


      Here is what I have tried so far with no success:


      Deleting the Registry entry as discribed on the Synthetic Aperture Website to force CF into reregistration.

      Uninstalling and reinstalling After Effects.


      The problem might be connected to After Effects not being included in the Creative Cloud Installer Package that I installed. I installed After Effects using the Creative Cloud Desktop App choosing the „Try“ Option expecting it to register automatically as CC is running on a device based ALL Apps license. For reasons which go beyond me, that didn’t seem work out, as After Effects kept telling me I was using a Trial Version of the program without further options or instructions to register using the adobe account with the ALL apps license. I reinstalled After Effects using a separate package created by Create Cloud Packager, but, while the After Effects Trial Problem seemingly did go away, the CF trial problem didn’t. The License Number displayed by CF did not change after reinstalling After Effects or deleting the registry entry.


      Any suggestions?