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    Adobe Stock error message


      My company has the Business plan for Adobe CC as well as the 10 images for $29.99/month. This is the first time we ran out of images before the next cycle begins, and we are supposed to be able to continue purchasing images for $2.99 each. When I try to license an image I get the following error message: There is a problem with your payment. Please try again later or contact Adobe Tech Support.


      We were on the phone with multiple people all Friday afternoon. After a long and frustrating back and forth conversation, they said there was an issue on Adobe's end and that it would be fixed by today (Monday). I am still getting the same error message. I've tried different browsers, logging in and out, clearing the cache and cookies, everything that has been suggested. There is nothing wrong with the credit card on file. Nothing has worked.


      Our case number is 0188276974