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    how to do this flag change

    PremiereNoobSigh Level 1

      instead of changing to the griffindor flag shown in this video Gryffindor Wins the House Cup - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. - YouTube , if i wanted it to change to another flag like a pirate flag, how difficult would it be to do? and how would i go about doing it?

      i saw some videos where 2 masks are created, 1 on the object before transformation and the other for the object after....and then use the morph effect but idk if that would work here with how the flags are moving

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In order to reproduce this shot exactly you need to carefully plan and photograph a clean plate that has no flags in the shot. Once you have the clean plate you can start planning your 3-D elements. The easiest way is to create and animate the flags 3-D application and animate the texture map.  This will require a knowledge of fabric simulation, modeling, texturing, and matching camera angles.


          There is no easy way to do this in AE directly without purchasing a third-party plug-in such as Zaxwerks Flag, Freeform Pro, or Element 3D. Unfortunately C4D lite does not have the modeling chops to animate a flag. Doing this entirely inside AE even with an expensive third-party plug-in is going to require a lot of skill and understanding. There is no push the button solution to this kind of a problem.


          If you already have a shot with flags then we need to see the shot to have any chance of coming up with a viable solution. A shot that already contains flags is going to be a lot more difficult to work with.