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    lightroom on the web (mobile) have wrong colors (sometims)

    Snemanje poroke Level 1

      Hi to all.
      I recently discovered the lightroom mobile web access.
      Great tool for sending photos to customer, to evaluate them, pick them, comment them.


      My problem is that some of the uploaded pictures get wrong color. Tottaly. Let say vivid magenta cast on skin. I can fix that inside web via WB and other sliders, which is VERY nice feature, and that than sync and reflect inside Lr itself; but thoose images than have strong orange cast. Somehow that happens only here and there and I can not figure out what would be the cause or the rule. That happens on batch from same shooting event, which I edit in similar way. Let say bunch of portraits on same location, same event, within few minutes apart, and of course development in Lr is similar. But yet somne of them are all wrong. If I export the images out of Lr, they are all right ogf course. So I would think Lr.mobile read some of the metadata worng. is

      This is very unconvenient. I can't send gallery to customer if it contains spoiled photos. WorkAround is to export thoose images to JPEG and than manually upload to gallery. But that just defeat the purpose. Gallery is than synced back and all thoose "wrong" images get duplicated in my original gallery/folder. Of course in Lr both images are indestinguashable - no color cast - just on mobile website there is problem. And it is always the same shift in WB toward magenta.


      If anybody know this, or experienced this... unless it is a bug...


      many thanks for reading this.


      best regards,




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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Mihael,


          Many browsers are not color managed and display images in sRGB no matter what color profile they use.

          In addition, some social networks apply aggressive compression when you upload images to them. Therefore, your images may have more artifacts or slight color shifts from how they look when first exported from Lightroom.

          Lightroom for the web displays your colors on Browsers which can be different from the actual App which uses AdobeRGB.

          See http://petapixel.com/2012/06/25/is-your-browser-color-managed/ 




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            Richard Coencas Adobe Employee

            Hi Mihael,

            As Akash said, it is likely a color management issue. You can check if there is an embedded profile in the image and also try different browsers and not all browsers are color managed. If you are still dealing with this problem after checking the article that Akash provided or trying different browsers, feel free to contact me and we can take a look at one of your problem files and try to figure out exactly what is up in your case.



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              Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

              After I created a custom monitor profile using an i1Display, Chrome began displaying colors the way you describe. I searched everything  and I couldn't find a solution. I now use Safari as my default browser because it is the only one that comes close to looking like it should.

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                Snemanje poroke Level 1

                Unfortunatelly, not at all related to my issue.

                I took several pictures in the same room, edited them with same preset in Lr; they have consecutive file numbers (e.g. IMG_2567, IMG_2568, etc), yet few of them have color shift, others (most of them) are fine.


                It is no browser-color problem for just thoose handfull of images out of hundreds and it is the same with every browser/PC I tryed (even different OS-es). Than again if I export this "troubled" images from Lightroom and upload them to web myself (drag-n-drop on lightroom.adobe.com page), they are fine too. It must be something with that particular images so Lightroom does/not export them with proper icc profile when syncing. 


                Only difference is different lenses I used. I must play more with statistics, to try to find what is odd with just some images out of whole sequence.

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                  Snemanje poroke Level 1

                  Dear Richard.


                  As I said:

                  - images shoot in same shooting session, same room, same camera (but different lenses)

                  - images imported to Lr, edited with same manner

                  - synced to Lr mobile at same time


                  = some of the images have color shift, others not.
                  - if I export thoose images to HDD, and than upload manully to Lr mobile, they are fine

                  Thoose images which are wrong, ar ewrong on:

                  - Windows 7 (2 PC's), with Chrome, and IE11
                  - Windows 10, Chrome
                  - Windows XP, Chrome

                  So that narrows problem to "why Lr export some images with color shift" or some images have/have not proper colr icc profile when synced. It must be Lr-mobile related bug, since images are fine on Lr desktop and if exported to any option available from Lightroom.


                  Where can I send images to check?
                  I reckon we should look DNG files out of camera, since exported JPEGS are always fine.

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                    Snemanje poroke Level 1

                    I found solution to my problem... sort of.


                    1) create virtual copy of image that had color shift
                    2) reset troublesome image
                    3) clone settings from virtual copy back to original
                    4) after synced it is OK


                    I discovered that coincidently. Made some virtual copies to fiddle with problem, but than had lunch and when I came back I say that all virtuals are uploded FINE to the web. No color shift. It suppose to be exact clone; so it is obvious that DNG is not problematic. Only uploading to web at some point was wrong. As I thought before, lenses are not factor. Images with wrong color were shoot with same lense.


                    Interesting is that after one image is exported to web with color shift, it remains problematic even if sliders are changed on the web or desktop or both. It remains wrong, regardless what, until image is RESET with button and settings redone - or just pasted again.


                    So problem can be dealt with - it just consumes (our precious) time. 

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                      Snemanje poroke Level 1

                      Nice to know.
                      First link says my browser(s) is/are not ICC version 4 ready. But link 2 says my web browser is color managed.


                      Still that does not make sense. Lightroom exports images from same camera, same editing preset (or without it), and same folder to same gallery online - and yet just SOME of images get wrong color until I force them to be reuploaded. That can be done if image is reset and graded again - or oddly settings can be just paste over again.


                      Nwm... I stopped using this as proofing tool. I use it just as user pick/select tool. I upload them grayscale images for various reasons. Unedited raws can draw attention why they are dimm/dull/odd colored. Grayscale unify the look and shadows are more visible. And images are cleary not finished. Who would like to steal washed out grayscale image? While nice unwatermarked yes.

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                        D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Just as general info:


                        If you're on Windows, the only browser with reliable color management is Firefox. All others have shortcomings and problems.


                        If you configure Firefox to color management mode 1, and also enable v4 profiles (all of this accessible if you type about:config in the address bar and hit refresh) - then Firefox is fully color managed in all scenarios.


                        Grayscale is the only wild card. To my knowledge, Photoshop is the only application on the planet that correctly color manages grayscale. Anywhere else you will likely see tonality shifts.

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                          Snemanje poroke Level 1

                          Thank u for reply, but...


                          I used to be web programmer. There is no such think as perfect browser. But that does not give me excuse to just program for ONE browser and throw it on the new with warnings poping up "for best experience use Firefox". Customer does not care. And as photographer I really have no power to force users to use Firefox only. They use what they use. And if they ask me wha the colors of some photos are so red (e.g. magenta), I can't fill them with "browser" excuse because they do not care. And frankly neither do I. That is just superficiality of programer to allow that.


                          And no, it is not Firefox/all others problem. If I export thoose photos out of Lr and upload them manually, they are all ok. If I put that photos on my server/website, they are all ok. Only if the're exported directly via Lr they are broken; some of them. I would say nothing if all photos had problems. But just some of them. So Lightroom is buggy or website.