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    3d Objects controlled by null object?


      I have an animation set up in AE comprising a number of solids/text/images, which are all 3D layers and the 'camera' movement is controlled by a null object.  I don't have a camera setup as it seems unnecessary.  I don't have any camera footage, just stuff I have created.


      I want to add a 3D object (.3ds) and be able to place that in the scene and therefore also be moved by the null object.


      Apparently this used to be easy using 'Live Photoshop 3D', but now seems to be very difficult and involves using c4d files and flicking between the two and trying to send camera movements between them.  I haven't decided on the final camera movement yet, so don't want to get into a situation where I'm doing two lots of movement and having to match them over and over again.


      What is the best method?


      I'm relatively inexperienced with After Effects, but am a quick study...!


      Thanks in advance!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          If you use Cineware, you don't need to sync anything. The plug-in will render the C4D content natively in AE. The same goes for any other 3D plug-in like Element 3D. You have a wrong understanding of the process.



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            slackwagon Level 1

            Hi Mylenium,


            Ah!  Thanks for that!


            I'd created a c4d file and dropped that into the comp.  When the null object has done the movements though, the 3D object has just stayed motionless and not turned with the rest of the objects in the space.


            How do you place the object and get it to be affected by the null object 'camera' movement?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              You cannot do that. While Cineware renders the scene, it does not directly interact with AE beyond recognizing the camera. The rest makes no sense. Why would you even bother to do scene layout in AE, given how rubbish its 3D tools are? I still think you need to straighten out your workflow first, i.e. create the scene layout in C4D and then extract the Null positions and camera or, if you realyl insist, do the whole layout in AE and then send it to C4D for inserting and animating your objects. You simply cannot go back and forth. Not only is it technically not feasible, but its going to be a major mess. Nobody would really work this way since it will end up producing redundant duplicates of Nulls, lights and so on and you'll forever clean up this mess. So instead of trying to create a finished scene from the start, insert text placeholders, solids etc. in your C4D file and then convert them to actual layers in AE. Otherwise move on to using Element 3D, but even there you need to use pickwhip expressions and reference layers explicitly in teh interface. It's inherent in teh process. None of these external 3D renderers interacts with AE's native 3D renderer. That's a limitation you have to live with. AE isn't Nuke or Fusion, after all.



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                slackwagon Level 1

                This is all great info!


                I've been working with a generated object that came from someone else, which was based in AE (it's a nested animation thing, comps within comps, with 3D layers).  By the sounds of it, the best thing would be to finalise that object and move it into C4D and do the scene there.


                Due to starting with that object, I think I've been led astray as to the best workflow and process.


                Thanks for all the help!