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    Why not Rate, Color or Flag Folders?

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      Since this request is from 2010 and hasn't gotten the attention I believe it deserves, and Lightroom has grown considerably since then, I'm posting it again with a few of my own considerations. Here it goes:

      When working with a large catalogue, one might get lost or take a long time to find certain folders, even when using the library filters. The reason? Well, for me is that I have multiple network folders with multiple shoot dates within (as shown in the print screen attached) with a VERY large number of photographs. Naming or re-naming the folders to match whatever criteria is really not an option and with a catalogue this big and ever growing, library filters take a long time to find stuff.


      Wouldn't it be great if we could rate, color, annotate, flag and checkmark the actual folders?


      And the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me, specially when thinking ahead of time. In 5 or 10 years from now, I'll have a lot more folders and a lot more considerations regarding my labeling, rating or flagging, hence, annotations and checkmarks! Of course you could say, just export your bigger catalog into smaller ones by group, say by year for instance, but still, if I'm putting together an exposition about pictures spread out along my years photographing, that becomes a problem, and the more I photograph, the more I see this as a problem.


      Also, I believe this would be a great addition for co-working on catalogues, large studios and media folks out there.


      Imagine this for a second: How great would it be, for any photographer or media manager, to instantly see what these or those folders are about?!

      (view figure 1)



      (Figure 1)


      All of that would depend on your style of logging your media of course, but still, it would mean a lot more control over your library! And the main reason I have Lightroom, is for that exact purpose, Organizing and Managing my archive. I believe that this is a feature a lot of us would like to have and would mean a major advance in the workflow.

      Anyway, this (figure 1) is something I put together to illustrate my point. If anyone thinks this should be a thing, please comment, like, share, etc! Lets get this through!


      Old Request from @_gary_:


      Something similar by @teraj:

      Marking pictures with Voice Memo attached

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          Requests for new features should be directed to

          Photoshop Family Customer Community


          It really doesn't do anyone any good to put feature requests here in this forum.


          In my humble opinion, which could be 100% wrong, the reason that Adobe hasn't done anything on this issue is that they don't want people to use folders as organizational tools, folders should only be storage locations, and that is why they have provided a great wealth of metadata organizing and search tools that don't use folders for the structure. Thus, I doubt Adobe will turn your suggestion into reality.


          It seems to me you have made a great argument for using keywords and other metadata to help you find your photos. Again, in my opinion, this is the best way to organize extremely large catalogs.


          Very few people think that breaking up your catalog by year is a good idea, most will tell you this is an awful idea.

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            Thanks for your feedback.


            On the contrary, I believe that opening up the discussion here before putting it up for feature requests makes it a lot more democratic, concise and effective by the time we round up the ideas and inner workings of what we would like as a feature. Thats why I took the time to illustrate it.


            The reason I put it here is to further discuss it and get the insight from as many people as we can that would also like this feature. I've followed, liked and commented on a similar post at the link you provided, but its 6 years old and it doesn't appear to have made any impact on the development team.


            On the folders as organizational tools, I believe you are half correct in guessing as such, as Lightroom itself gives us quite a good number of options and combinations for naming our folders, but again, those are as far as options go for them. But as directories for a photographic community, maybe just labeling our drawers isn't enough, coloring, rating, flagging etc, would make more sense. I would like Adobe to make it as fluid and flexible as possible and leave those choices to the user, giving us the tools to do so (as they have with "custom labels" for instance). Maybe not everyone would use them, but it'd be nice to have them available. Also, I believe that any long term users and large or even medium sized catalog managers have thought about it at some point.


            On the breaking up the catalog, I have seen it done by amateurs and professional photographers alike and advised a number of people against it for various numbers of reason and have been advised for it by proficient Lightroom users. I guess is a matter of workflow style and preference.


            Thanks for following up on it.




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