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    emailing from acrobat pro xi


      running acrobat pro xi. default email app is outlook 2003. when I click on email icon in acrobat I get an error message saying can't open outlook. I've figured out that acrobat is trying to open outlook 2000, also installed on the computer as part of ms office 2000. I get the error message even if outlook 2003 is already running. There must be a registry entry somewhere that is telling acrobat to point to outlook 2000. I think I could solve my problem if I could identify that registry key. I have the same configuration running successfully on another computer. I've searched the registry on that one and every mention of outlook.exe in the registry is outlook 2003. This doesn't appear to be the case on the problem machine. In that machine there are references to outlook.exe in the folder containing the older version but I'm reluctant to modify those registry entries without know what they are. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where in the registry acrobat looks for outlook?