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    Damaged InDesign File Freezes InDesign When Opened


      Hello there,


      I started using InDesign for the first time in May, working on a large project for work. Fast forward to last night, and I finally finished my first draft of this ~300 page project. As I was exporting to a PDF, InDesign unexpectedly quit. I can't remember exactly what happened after I re-opened InDesign. I might have gone to export the file again using the same output file name... might not have (sorry). Either way, I did not get the exported PDF and the InDesign file itself now seems damaged.


      Whenever I try to open the file in InDesign, it opens, lets me click around for maybe five seconds, and then the whole program freezes. Sometimes I get stuck on the spinning wheel of death and sometimes the whole thing just locks up. This prevents me from saving the file as a compatible file type, etc. In the five-second grace period I get before the program freezes, I have been able to scroll through the document and everything still seems to be there, save for a couple pages where the text has gone wonky (the wrong text is appearing in the wrong paragraph styles).


      Anyway, I'm wondering if someone can help me out. I desperately need this file.


      I am working on InDesign CC 2015 Version 11, I believe. I'm on a Mac running OS X El Capitan 10.11.1. I have tried opening the file on a newer version of InDesign on a different machine and the problem persists.