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    Lightroom 6.7 Error Message


      I'm running Lightroom 6.7 on both my Windows desktop and laptop. Both are Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit. I have no problems on my desktop but on the laptop whenever I try to access either the Book, Slideshow or Print module, I get an error message. The message is as follows:


      An internal error has occurred: Cannot create the required folder:  C:\Users\Russ\Application Data\Adobe.


      No such folder exists on the hard drive of either machine.  After clicking the okay button in the error dialog box, I get an assertion failed! error.  I have checked both the program and catalog preferences of the desktop against the laptop and all are the same. The other modules in the program are functioning just fine. I've researched this issue and found many references to a permissions issue, but it appears that is exclusive to Apple computers. I'd appreciate any assistance you can offer.



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          dj_paige Level 9

          It is trying to create that folder, and probably doesn't have permission to do so. Thus you need to change the permissions to WRITE permission on C:\Users\Russ\Application Data\

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            rglindmeier Level 1

            Well, that would make sense except for the fact that I don't have a folder called C:\Users\Russ\Application Data on either computer. The closest thing I have to that is C:\Users\Russ\AppData, which obviously isn't the same thing. I can't really change the permission on folder that doesn't appear to exist on my hard drive. I appreciate the response, and welcome any further ideas.