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    RoboHelp 2015 (JavaHelp/OracleHelp)

    ColdForest Level 1

      I started a trial of RH in order to evaluate its ability to generate JavaHelp[/OracleHelp] output. From the online documentation and from the Adobe tutorial I watched I was led to believe that there were generators for both of JavaHelp and OracleHelp. However, I don't see these output types as being available. Am I missing something?


      Can anyone help with this? TIA.


      Note: I have seen some vague references in the forum to JavaHelp no longer being supported, but I can't see any definitive documentation on this.

      Note2: I have a large Java application that I'd like to integrate RH generated output into and I'd like this to be pure Java (having to use Web Help or HTML help and manually triggering a browser to run is a non-starter).