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    How to insert language-specific page numbers (Chinese/Korean) in the US/Intl version of InDesign


      I am a software tutor and have a question from one of my students which you maybe able to answer as I cannot:



      Using a US/Intl English version of InDesign and creating multi-language documents which include Chinese or Korean, how can I add page numbering on the master page in the Chinese or Korean language?


      InDesign understands how to make these page numbers. It's just a question of inputting the correct "marker" on the master page, and the US/Intl version does not provide us with the interface to do this.


      Living in New Zealand this is becoming a major problem for designers using a non-Chinese or non-Korean version of InDesign but who still want to show page numbering in the Asian symbols. I am sure this will come up more and more in the future especially here in New Zealand where our near neighbours use Asian symbols, and as a trainer of Adobe software I do need to know all our options.

      Margaret Marsh