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    2015.7 Colors Print Wrong


      I'm a professional photographer and I've been using LR for years. I'm working on a Windows 10 machine. I use X-Rite Colormunki to calibrate my monitors and printer paper for my printer (Canon ipf8400). With the most recent update, colors print with a reddish hue in LR. If I print the same image through PS with the exact same settings, the prints (I've tried several) print with the correct color. If I print from LR in draft mode, I get a greenish tint - it's my understanding that draft mode uses sRGB with no profile. I contacted Adobe support and the analyst took control of my computer. He printed several prints that only verified my problem. I re-calibrated everything with the same issue. I rolled back LR versions to 2015.0 and tried printing. The colors were correct. I read about people using Macs with this issue - apparently a known issue for 2015.5 that was corrected with 2015.6. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd rather stay current with LR and I've always loved the Print module (except the lack of ability to zoom), but a lack of quality in the print is most important.