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    Those were the days...


      For a number of years I have been running two machines - one with the latest Adobe offerings and one with an older versions before Creative Cloud.


      Sadly, and against my better judgement, I allowed Adobe technical support to access my older machine to fix a minor issue. They did this so well the best advice they had was reinstall everything - which didn’t work either!. In the end I just went and got a brand new 16gb Mac Powerbook with hundreds of Gb free on its SSD drive and just started from scratch.


      This done I now sit here using Adobe Indesign 2015.4 and I think about all the things I miss from CS5.5. Its the small things such as:

      • Not having my screen flicker and jerk as if zapped by Flash Gordon's ray gun every time I try to move an object over another one.
      • Not having my page jump around like a demented ferret on steroids every time I try to scroll up or down.
      • Not having a million “helpful” lines and other rubbish appear every time I resize something - even after they have all been turned off in the settings.
      • Not having windows reappear every five minutes after you close them - yes CC Libraries you know I am talking about you!
      • Not being able to click away without selecting something or having message boxes appear for new boxes at the faintest touch
      • Being able to easily tell the difference between the OK and the Cancel buttons rather than a deceptively insignificant thickening of the outer line

      But most of all I miss the smoothness and feel that the mac versions of adobe software used to have. That one thing that separated the value of the Mac interface over the poor Windows based cousin.


      So thank you Adobe for wasting a small fortune in billable hours  having to try and fix your cock up, and then for making me use what is really a substandard interface when compared with what you used to have.


      To everyone else I apologise for taking space like this but it feels so much better after venting .