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    Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom Mobile




      does anyone know of any plans to introduce the Spot Removal or Healing tool to Lightroom Mobile?  It would make it far better.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Adobe never announces its future plans, so there is no one here who can answer your question.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            If you really need that tool it is available in the Computer, Desktop, version of LR. And would be better to do that type of work on a real computer.

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              miamonster Level 1



              There re is absolutely no reason why that would be better to do on a desktop computer. The iPad is a touch interface, which now has a very accurate pen tool. With the non destructive type of spot healing that is available on the desktop version of Lightroom it would be a breeze to do dust spotting and small blemish  removal of hairs and other small things that are tedious and time consuming to do on the desktop version.


              i already have switched to doing a large amont of my spot healing in Lightroom, from Photoshop as it's easy, fast and in the same workflow as my raw editing and I can then have a non destructive archive referencing my files with nearly all the work I need done on the images In one place.


              I shoot mostly film and do high res scans and so dust spotting and hair removal is the most used task for this in my workflow. It would be so time saving to be able to do this in the Lightroom mobile app.


              Saying that it would be better to do it on a real computer is completely short sighted. Haven't you noticed, an ipad/or other similar devices have slowly become the real computers.


              I know of the workaround using Adobe photoshop fix, but the problem here is that it's creating a new flattened file. This is a file that is based off a smart preview, then saved to your device and then synced back in the cloud. It is not the original file and it is not full resolution. I want to still be able to head back to my main computer and export the files from my archive at full size.


              Whatever makes the input more organic is going to win out. Please Adobe, could you make this possible. I want to buy the new iPad and I want to keep supporting Apple and Adob, but you need to start responding to the professionals needs


              Alll the best



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                dj_paige Level 9

                The way Lightroom has implemented spot healing, it takes a lot of computer horsepower to perform multiple healing operations, and probably the iPad doesn't have as much horsepower as your computer.


                The way Photoshop has implemented spot healing will be faster than Lightroom.

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                  miamonster Level 1

                  So tell me how does it work so well in Photoshop Fix on the iPad. And I know for a fact that an ipads processer (I have an iPad 4 - and its fine for speed.) is more than powerful enough to make this possible. The newest iPad Pro is a beast for what it is. So that doesn't hold water anymore.


                  Also, it's ok if it's not as fast. It's more convenient and would  great to be able to use the touch screen functionality. Why have all this touch screen functionality if it just isn't being used. Seems like a real waste of potential.

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                    dj_paige Level 9

                    As I said, the non-destructive editing way it is implemented in LR requires more computer horsepower than the way it is implemented in Photoshop (which is destructive editing). If you're doing a single spot heal on a photo, it probably doesn't matter. If you are doing a few dozen on the same photo, LR will be slow and requires lots of computer horsepower, to the point where many people's computer slow down to unusability; I'm sure an iPad would do that same.

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                      Have you not been taking note of the specs on the iPad Pro line? They are benchmarking faster than the current crop of MacBooks. My 2008 MBP can do it just fine and it is very slow.

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                        BenjPhoto Level 1

                        Why is this the “correct” answer??? You can’t do it on an iPad only because it’s not implemented in LR Mobile. The “reason” given is a complete judgment call with no actual basis. What is ”better” for one person won’t be for the next. I would far rather do simple spot removal on an iPad, so that method would clearly be “better” for me.

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                          Totally agree. There's no reason for the healing brush not to be in lightroom mobile, except that it hasn't been developed yet.


                          I'm a massive fan of Snapseed, and this has some great features, including healing brush ability.


                          Other thing I'm struggling with LR mobile, is I can't find a generic full photo sharpen feature. Only the ability to create a selective mask and sharpen that. Odd.

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                            ableryder Level 1

                            The Spot Removal Tool isn't implemented yet, but if you take a closer look, you can tell that they will implement it soon. When you copy the settings of a picture you can choose what to copy and in that list you can see "spot removal" although its not implemented yet.

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                              BenjPhoto Level 1

                              I don’t think that means anything. LR mobile will copy over edits even if they can only be done on the desktop. This kind of allows you to make presets even with settings mobile doesn’t support by editing an image in the desktop, synch it with mobile and then copy those settings to other images.