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    Issues with Adobe Products Viewport (Cropped & Innacurate Clicks)


      I'm experiencing some issues that only seem to be occuring using Adobe products like After Effects and Photoshop. The problem is as follows...


      1. In After effects all the UI works fine, except the viewport window. When a comp is opened, some of the screen is blanked out/cropped with a bar that's usually black or grey (matching viewport UI background colour). If I zoom out enough, the viewport becomes completely visible, it's almost as if the viewport is not correctly interpreting the screens size.



      2. When I click in the viewport, I have to move the crosshair a few inches directly below layers elements to select them. If for example I clicked directly on a line or text, it won't be selected as it tries to click above the location of the pointer.


      I have a high spec PC with a GTX 1080 gpu, lots of memory, up-to-date drivers and the latest CC versions. The same kind of issue seems to happen on and off with Photoshop, sometimes everything works, other times the viewport display shows these errors. I would appreciate any support since it's nearly impossible to get work done at the moment.